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  • Introduction:

    I have finished my studies at BUTE Faculty of Chemichal Engineering line Industrial biotechnologyst in year 2002. I received my Ph.D. degree in 2008. I am married, and I am the father of a little boy and of two little girls..

    Hobbys: canoe, schiing, sportdance

  • Activity:

    From the automn of 2002 until the autumn of 2005 I took part in phd course of the Faculty, since that I have been working as the engineer of the department and later as Professor's assistant.

    I hold Bioengineering 1. laboratory practice (called Fermentationkinetics), Bioengineering 2. laboratory practice (called complex fermentation and one week practice) and Bioengineering planing practice. I am also the consultant of many students

    Since 2009 I am the secretary of the Bioengineering working committee of Hungarian Academy of Science

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    Phone/Fax: (+36-1)463-2693

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