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1. Fermentation from lab to pilot scale (upstream

2. Product recovery (downstream)

3. Flowsheeting (Techno-economic calculations)

4. Part processes (sterilazation, media prepearing, inoculum preparation, flowsheeting)

5. Eduation

6. Feasibility and case studies

7. Microbiology tests (mostly for cosmetics)



1. Soil inoculant fermentum development and production

2. Enzymatic transglycosylation of commercial cyclodextrins

3. Comparison of industrial amylases becasuse of supplier change

4. Spray drying herbal tincture for capsulation

5. Develoment of autotrophic algae cultivation system

6. Development of heterotrophic algae cultivation process

7. Development of yeast production for beer (breweries)

8. Development of cosmetic fermentums

9. Development of pilot scale mushroom extraction

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